My name is I'sha Gaines and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I must begin by revealing a small snippet of information about myself. First and foremost, I am a multi-passionate creative. It’s my strength and my weakness. I thoroughly enjoy the journey of compilation, facilitating, logistics and organizing creatively. By nature, I have a relentless drive to win that some may classify as a “super-power” and I strive to exhibit excellence in all that I do. My journey to self love has birthed many businesses and essentially has helped me blossom in a way that inspires, encourages and motivates others. Ultimately I provide women, businesses and creatives with the resources they need to grow - this includes photography, graphic design, HoneyBeNatural, a women's empowerment publication, The Affirmation Wellness Summit, OurUrbanHippie event space, HUMAN.Collection clothing line and the AffirmOnTheGo, customizable affirmation-based workshops. I pride myself in being a visionary and helping others pieces together their own visions, dreams and goals. I view myself a servant here on earth to spread joy and light. It's not always an easy task, but your life’s passion will shake your life up like never before. It’s an honor to be used and celebrated in the ways my journey has taken me. I’m always looking forward to good things.  

HoneyBeNatural, founded in 2012, has evolved tremendously! This publication is here to help you make peace with yourself and your passion. We celebrate natural beauty and conscious living. We have events, The Affirmation Summit, AffirmONTheGo + EatForYourHair, we feature Queens each week in our Queen + Queen Affirm Series and create workbooks and media to help grow the queen in you.

OUH is an artist studio in downtown grand-prairie, TX. OUH is a blank canvas for POP-UPS, art shows, celebrations, collaborations, workshops, meetings, photography and creativity. It's the studio you need AT PRECISELY THE MOMENT WHEN YOU NEED IT!

A Self-Love Journey with You | Uplifting Hands-On & Movement Workshops

The Affirmation Summit is a self-love & body positive gathering aiming to provide women with tools to boost their self-worth, confidence and aid in stress management. This summit incorporates natural & holistic themes and encourages women to be authentically themselves

Affirmations + Strategies for a more peaceful life, on the go

I'm currently the creative director for CreateherStock! CreateHerStock is the STOCK GALLERY for people of color. We take photos of African Americans to be used for blogs, websites and creative spaces. It's kind of a big deal(:

The HUMAN. Collection is an apparel and accessories line founded in 2015. HUMAN Collection encourages you to be HUMAN and embrace who you really are. HUMAN collection has a variation of meanings and only aims to empowers those who wear it. 



Post College: After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, I had a growing desire to write, to spew knowledge into others that they may find somehow beneficial to their own way of life. Plagued for two years by not being able to find a journalism job in the metroplex even after being a reporter and editor at my college newspaper,The Shorthorn, interning at The Arlington Star-Telegram and Fort Worth Weekly, I became an elementary school teacher. I thought my journalism career was over! But then I had the bright idea to create my own job! 

During my first year of teaching, I was able to begin the first newspaper for A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy in 2010! The Golden Eagle Newspaper is collection of writings and artwork from the students at AWB-FLA. It was distributed to over 2,000 students and staff members, 4 times a year.

Starting the newspaper, fueled my passion for writing and managing creative teams. Joining the yearbook design team and becoming a campus photographer set me up good! The passion was lit and now I had the software I needed to move forward. 

G O I N G  N A T U R A L

I dreamed about HoneyBeNatural Magazine in 2011. A year before inception, in a dream I saw myself walking around the metroplex and asking women for their contact information to put in "Green-sheet type publication listing small businesses." I told a friend about it who was having a natural hair event and she invited me to share my dream with the women at her expo in 2012. The response was unbelievable! It was at this event the women decided, FOR ME, that HoneyBeNatural should be more than a simple listing. These women felt like it should be published in a major way, so with a little hope and HoneyBeNatural blog and website I published that next week. HoneyBeNatural, the print & digital magazine, launched within 6 months that following January.

Tackling graphic design and photography for the magazine lead me here to I cut my magazine expenses in half by teaching myself how to do graphic design & how to take professional photos. 

Today HoneyBeNatural celebrates the natural hair, fashion and lifestyle of fabulous ladies, gents and kids. HoneyBe is managed by 10 dedicated sistas and has a network that spans over 75K. Talk about influence! HoneyBe has built a professional relationship with many organizations like UT-Arlington, Society of Professional Journalist and international hair brands like Creme of Nature, Kinky Curly Yaki, Mielle Organics, Uncle Funky's Daughter, The New Orleans Natural Hair Expo and many others! In 2016, we partnered with Viola's House, the transitional and homeless home for pregnant teens. Violas House is located in Dallas, TX. In 2016, HoneyBeNatural raised $400, Christmas clothes and gifts and also got Salon 921 to donate 7 styles and beauty services to the current residents.  

It has been a pleasure to serving HoneyBeNatural, businesses, expos, brands and the school in which I am employed through my photography! I became a high school commercial and audio video production teacher in 2015 and I also graduated with a New Media Journalism Master's Degree from THE Full Sail University!  

Additional components are Isha Gaines Photography & Graphics, HoneyBeNatural Magazines and HUMAN.COLLECTION, my apparel & accessories line.

FINALLY! Being named as one of Dallas Weekly's 20 Millennials to watch in 2016, Conducting media for Essence Festival and opening an event space/studio, has been a few of the many highlights in my creative career. Needless to say, my journey has been a true testament of things falling into place & the pursuing of all of my passions. The launch of The Affirmation Summit + AffirmOnTheGo was by far the most successful thing I’ve created for women and I aim to help hundreds and thousands of people grow into who they’re called to be!

Listen, when God is in control, all you can really do is go with the flow. So cheers! The Best is Yet to Come!

Ciao for Now!.............. XOXO @TheIshaGaines

My professional goals:

(1) Own a multi-purpose wellness center where therapist can use for co-working, wellness professionals can host classes and workshops and patrons can use the space for celebrations and events.

(2) Have a booked AffirmOnTheGo Workshop each month + continue to host The Affirmation Summit introducing my audience to mental wellness.

(3) To become a LPC who is well-versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

List of at least three personal strengths:

(1) I am creative and I can think on my feet

(2) People feel comfortable talking to me and being open

(3) I am great in organizing and breaking down complex ideas that people can easily understand them.