The City Influencer (#BeatsByHer) Collaboration

Being a woman in the music industry isn’t easy. It takes courage, hustle and steel determination to make it through the challenges they face daily.

BeyonceTaylor Swift and Lady Gaga demonstrate that it is indeed possible for female musicians to find long term success in the music industry, but do they only represent the minority and not the majority of talented ladies that are actually on the scene?

Despite the millions of “little monsters” and “beyhive” loyalists around the world, gender inequality continues to be a big issue in the music industry.

But regardless of the biases that still remain, there is a silver lining. Talent is talent no matter the race, gender, creed or religion.

#BeatsByHer will introduce you to women locally, and eventually around the country, that truly put the “ustle” in hustle.

These ladies grind with purpose, grace, style and immeasurable talent.

The City Influencer’s mission is to share the important stories that are not often told by mainstream media. We are on the ultimate quest to discover innovative ways to inject diversity into the normal, everyday conversation.

For our inaugural feature, we’re connecting you to four Dallas women with four distinct looks and sounds. But the one thing that they all share in common is a sincere love and passion for the craft of making music for the people.